Orchard Management

EHC offers full orchard management options to kiwifruit orchard growers. We have an excellent management team.

Our team has experience in all aspects of kiwifruit orchard management including vine health, new developments, new varieties, graft management, canopy management and monitoring, soil and leaf testing, pollination, frost monitoring. We are committed to ensuring that PSA monitoring is carried out regularly on all of our orchards and appropriate management strategies implemented in a timely fashion as required.

Our team set a realistic working budget to complete work required on orchard in order to maximise the orchard production.

The EHC team continually strives to achieve the best possible outcomes for growers. Our results are consistently well above the industry average.


Machinery  Contracting

EHC offers full orchard mowing and mulching options to kiwifruit orchardists in the Bay of Plenty area. We provide a very good service and our rates are very competitive.

Services offered:

  • Grass mowing
  • Mulching
  • Weed Spraying
  • Foliar Sprays
  • Ground Hogging
  • Root Ripping



EHC offers a comprehensive package for orchard growers to ensure their kiwifruit crops are picked well. We believe that our well supervised picking staff provide an excellent service. We are fully Global GAP compliant.